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How to Clean Mildew Off of Gutters

Posted - 09/07/2011

Mildew on your gutters can be quite unsightly, diminishing the beauty of any home. Cleaning them can be done yourself, but it can take a lot of effort on your part. The best way to clean gutters covered with mildew is to pressure wash them with bleach, but not everyone has a pressure washer. This means that you would have to either buy or rent one in order to do the job yourself. And not only would you have to spend the money in order to clean the gutters, you would most likely have to climb a ladder and get on the roof to do so, which could be dangerous, especially if you are afraid of heights or are not accustomed to working in such conditions. Instead of going through the hassle and hazards of cleaning mildew off the gutters yourself, you may want to consider hiring a professional service to do it for you. These services already have the equipment and knowledge necessary to rid your home of mildew. They also hire people who are used to working in awkward positions at varying heights. By going with a professional service, you could have a pristine looking home without having to worry with doing the job yourself.
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